Winter is coming and now your watch begins over your flooring!

Winter is the most enchanting season of the year with the beautiful white snow covering the ground and dreamy rain falling but winter can be hard on your flooring material! The sharp coldness with added moisture can damage any floor if you are not prepared.
Preparation is the key to protecting your flooring investment and your property from any possible damage. There are many things you can do before snow hits your area. In this article we recommend the best practices in floor preparation for winter.
• First, plan ahead.
Have a snow removal and ice control plan for the exterior of your building, either doing it yourself or asking for professional help. Make sure all equipments work properly. A snow shovel is a must that better be kept next to the front door so you can find it easily when it is needed the most.
If snow is not removed or ice is not managed, they can come in with the boots and bring with them debris, salt and sand that will surely damage your flooring material.
• Buy cleaning supplies.
They are absolutely necessary to collect excess water and any debris from entrances in order to both protect the interior floor from moisture and yourselves from slip and falls. Sweeper, mop and towels are essentials.
• Keep the exterior clean.
When it is snowing or raining, boots can become really damp and dirty with the mud and debris from walkways and driveways that should not enter your property. Cleaning the front yard, porch and entrances clears the unwelcome debris so they don’t come in with people and damage your flooring.
• Add protective mats to entrances.
They can absorb excess water and collect rock salt from footwear. Rock salts can seriously damage flooring material, make the finishing dull and cause scratches and discoloration.
If not controlled, you might end up relaying carpets or refinishing wood! Adding large area rugs and rubber mats and even boot trays will prevent such worst case scenarios. Just ask your guests to wipe their boots on the mat or place them on the tray before entering your place.
• Schedule early professional maintenance.
When the winter comes and snow and rain falls, service companies are really busy. If you contact them, they might not be able to provide services when you need it. Instead, call them early and arrange a maintenance schedule so your flooring maintenance is done on time.
Regular cleaning and repairs extend the lifespan of your flooring material and maintain the original look that you worked so hard to design. Resealing is a smart way to protect wood and tile but for carpet a protectant spray will do the job.
Final thoughts
Flooring adds value to your property and hugely influences how it looks and feels. If you ever decide to sell your property, the winter flooring preparation that you did earlier will return your investment with interest!