Which flooring material is trending in 2021?

New Year always brings new trends in every field but 2021 is different! We have COVID-19 pandemic surging throughout the world that has caused all sorts of new social rules and hygiene standards. Commercial spaces should follow these rules in order to protect staff and customers and prevent super spreaders.
Social distancing is encouraged by health officials to be 6 feet in commercial spaces and common areas where people have to interact with each other. Floor markings are the best way to let people know where to stand in order to have the required distance. It also protects your flooring material from unnecessary foot traffic that people often have in unmarked areas!
Disinfecting the surfaces is now an essential part of everyday cleaning routine in commercial places that might affect flooring material in terms of durability or the look.
These new guidelines have become new normal that don’t seem to be going away very soon, not until Corona virus stops mutating rapidly! The good news is that some of the flooring materials can help you address these new normal:
• Carpet flooring can separate the “6-feet distance” on the floor.
Carpet is always a popular choice when it comes to flooring commercial spaces but considering that you might need to mark the floors for people to stand 6 feet apart, carpet tiles and planks have become trendy. They come in perfect sizes to create separated spaces and visually mark the allowed distance between people so they can navigate the space with ease.
Carpet cleaning is also easy with modern cleaners and equipments to provide the COVID-level hygiene. It also soundproofs the space which is highly appreciated these days due to the pandemic anxiety.
Carpet is strong and long lasting with reasonable price both of which are important in commercial spaces. It also adds warmth and softness to your commercial space and accommodates any style with new designs that are exciting and colorful to uplift the dark mood of pandemic.
Carpet is the perfect choice for commercial places that appreciate a home-like warm and luxury feeling under foot but want to separate a healthy distance between people.
• Vinyl flooring can easily be disinfected.
Luxury vinyl is an ideal flooring material for many features that offers but in COVID era, its ease of cleaning is appreciated more than ever. It is highly durable against foot traffic and chemical stress so disinfecting the floor will not damage the material. It is also highly customizable that helps with floor directional marking to guide customers in way finding and social distancing.
Luxury vinyl comes in variety of colors, patterns and designs that make every style possible. Even hardwood or stone patterns are available in perfect quality that resembles the natural materials but in much lower prices.
Luxury vinyl is the ideal choice for workplaces where aesthetic and performance are both highly regarded but compliance with COVID pandemic guidelines are also considered.