Warehouses are a key part of every business that manufacture or sell goods. They are places with heavy traffic because loads of products are constantly being moved in and out by forklifts. These products can be cars or big machineries that are stored on vertical shelves. Although it is understandable that vertical shelving is a smart economical decision but the pressure on the flooring material is great.

Common flooring materials such as concrete might look tough and durable but in reality concrete is susceptible to abrasion and cracking under high impact stress. It can cause chips spreading around that can lead to serious workplace safety problems for staff.

Epoxy flooring is the most effective solution for warehouses because it is technically unbreakable. The smooth and seamless surface created by epoxy over concrete slabs increases impact resistance and leaves no chance for accidents.

The types of business and product that are being stored in the warehouse have direct impact on the flooring choice. Some products can have chemical stress which includes strong acid or alkaline substances. These can damage the flooring material, not to mention all the possible dangers they can pose to workers. Some products are highly flammable or volatile and can interact with flooring material and cause dangerous situations for workplace.

Epoxy flooring has a high chemical resistance that can withstand harsh environments and help with reduction of static electricity.

Temperature requirement of stored products are also important as the very high or low temperature can interact with flooring material and damage it sooner than expected. Often food and beverages fall in this category.

Epoxy flooring has a strong temperature resistance that delivers high performance in both end of temperature spectrum in a storage facility.

Epoxy is also most innovative in complying with OSHA workplace safety regulations by not only being slip resistant but also by customizing the floors of warehouse with color codes and markings to prevent employee slip & fall.