Multi-family properties and town houses often have many residents that are renting the space. Resilience against high foot traffic and moving household furniture is a priority but warm feeling of a home is also essential.

Luxury vinyl flooring is able to provide both these features along with being affordable! It is known for long lasting durability under high impact and chemical stress while feeling cozy, looking rich and being luxuriously cushioned under foot.

It has a good scratch resistance, perfect for a multi-family property where each resident might have different lifestyle that can cause damage to the flooring. It is also stain resistant that make cleaning and maintenance effortless. You do not need professional services; just follow the manufacturer’s instructions to choose cleaning solutions. Being water resistant makes it an ideal option for humid rooms while protecting your property from water-leak damage.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in variety of styles to make every interior design possible. It often mimics the look of natural products such as hardwood or stone but modern abstract patterns in different colors are also available.

It is made as plank (LVP) and tile (LVT) that are only different in the look they create. Since planks are cut in big dimensions, they create an almost seamless look that resembles hardwood but tiles are more like ceramic or slate tiles. The edging options can also create different feels as beveled edges leave a gap-like line between planks while square edges create a solid floor.

Other alternatives include the following products:
1. Hardwood
As the most natural product, it looks warm and rich while delivering excellent performance.
2. Engineered wood
A more budget friendly member of the wood family, it is highly durable and comes in variety of styles.
3. Laminate
An image of the hardwood, it is made to look good and perform well almost in every room.
4. Tile
The most style-friendly option that comes in unlimited colors and patterns to make every design possible while impressing by incredible performance.
5. Polished Concrete
An upgrade of the good old concrete that is having a comeback with new look but the same strength.
6. Carpet
The softest option that feels luxury under feet and looks warm in the eyes with variety of colors, patterns and textures that last a long time.

Multi-family flooring is chosen from the best materials such as luxury vinyl that can stand the high pressure and yet retain the attractive look and feel of the first day that resembles natural beauty of wood and stone.