Shopping Mall Floors

Shopping malls are visited by many people on a daily basis which puts the most pressure on flooring material. That is why a strong and durable product is necessary. There is also the seating area that needs a luxury soft and cushion rug to comfort the feet of tired shoppers. Entrances need mats that are both functional and customized with the logo of your brand. The back of the house and parking areas also have specific needs that flooring material should be able to accommodate.
To effectively address the specific flooring needs of your shopping complex, different materials are needed:
1) Luxury Vinyl Tile
This is an innovative product that has an aesthetic of natural materials like hardwood while delivering higher performance at lower prices. It is most applicable in public areas, main entrances, and offices.
2) Rubber Mat
It is an eco-friendly option that can be made from recycled tires to rescue your budget and the environment. It is perfectly elastic to provide cushion under the feet while not breaking under high foot traffic. It is ideal for main entrances, elevators, and parkades.
3) Epoxy Coating
This is a liquid coating that is applied on the site just to solidify to a strong and seamless surface that is highly hygienic and safe. It is customizable to match your brand colors and logo. It is best suited for public areas and parkades.
4) Commercial Carpet
This is the softest fabric flooring you can put under the feet of your customers to comfort their ankles. It has a variety of colors and textures to accommodate the overall style of your shopping mall while having a reasonable price range. It is most appropriate for public areas and offices.
5) Area Rug
This is the most luxurious fabric flooring that is made to look rich and feel warm for the tired feet of shopping mall visitors. It comes in many textures and styles to make a bold statement in your shopping mall. It is perfect for public areas.
6) Polished Concrete
This one is known for its strength and durability but the look is also appealing with different finishes and patterns. The price range is affordable and the application is better for public areas.
Shopping malls can benefit from applying different kinds of flooring materials to provide performance needs and match characteristics of each area while saving budget as well.