Rubber is associated with elasticity and cushion which are the perfect characteristics for a good flooring material. Even better news is that rubber can be made with recycled materials such as old vehicle tires which is very eco friendly. This also makes it an affordable option.

Unlike conventional flooring materials such as hardwood or tiles that are susceptible to damage and high repair cost, rubber flooring is technically ageless and highly durable.

It is a protective material both for your existing floor as well as your feet and lower back. It absorbs the impact shocks so underlying surface will stay untouched. It also provides anti-fatigue comfort for your ankles and alleviates pressure in your lower back.

Rubber flooring provides maximum safety due to having high coefficient of friction which eliminates any chance of slip and fall. This makes it an ideal choice for moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Places with more safety concern such as commercial and industrial workplaces also benefit from rubber flooring.

Generally, any place such as entrance, stairway, basement and even an outdoor area can benefit from rubber flooring. It can protect your property from extreme weather conditions, leaks and dents.

It comes in rolls or tiles both of which are easy to install even as a DIY project. The tiles are often installed using connector pins or interlocking perforated edges to create a solid surface that is perfect for permanent flooring as well as temporary. Interlocking rubber tiles are extremely versatile and modular as they can be moved to any new place like patio and garage. The Rubber rolls create a seamless look and are cut in customized lengths. They are installed easily with double-sided carpet tape.

Rubber flooring comes in variety of colors and patterns to allow you the freedom to create your desired style.

Rubber flooring is the optimum flooring for safety and durability while being budget and environmental friendly.