Retail flooring is constantly experiencing high foot traffic by visitors which can be unforgiving. But it is also one of the reasons that visitors are attracted to your store in the first place because it influences the look and feel of your store. Flooring is an integral part of your store design that can increase sales.
There are other areas such as main entrance, behind the counter, back of the house and parkade that have their own specific needs and flooring material should be able to deliver the required performance and aesthetic.
There are 6 flooring materials that are great choices for each area based on their characteristics:
1) Luxury Vinyl Tile
Sales area, behind the counter and back of the house can benefit the most from this product because it is highly durable and customizable that comes in variety of colors and patterns.
2) Rubber Mat
Main entrance, behind the counter and parkade are best places to use this product as it is most flexible that doesn’t wear off under high foot traffic.
3) Epoxy Coating
Sales area, behind the counter and parkade can enjoy the many benefits of this product as the most hygienic, seamless and customizable material that lasts for a long time.
4) Commercial Carpet
Sales area, behind the counter and back of the house can use carpet to provide a soft fabric under the feet of shoppers to make them feel at home and more comfortable while also visually providing great colors and patterns.
5) Area Rug
Sales area can be a good place to use a little bit of luxury rug that feels cushion and soft for tired feet of customers while adding uniqueness to the style.
6) Polished Concrete
Main entrance, sales area and behind the counter require a strong material that can stand the pressure of many foot traffic and this material is just known for that in addition of being highly glossy and stylish.
Retail has different needs when it comes to flooring material but the goal is the same: to increase sales by great design and reduce cost by best performance. The 6 flooring materials introduced in this article are all best choices that can help you achieve this goal.