Restaurant is a kind of place that aesthetic and performance are both important, but they change throughout a restaurant according to the purpose and usage of each area. Restaurant flooring is most affected by these purposes.

While durability, hygiene, and ease of cleaning is crucial for all areas in a restaurant, style and design are the focal point of a restaurant front of house where customers order and dine. It is because design hugely affects the look and mood of a place and people are often attracted to a place by their first impression. On the other hand, safety is a bigger concern in the kitchen due to USDA guidelines to prevent slips and falls of the staff that are always working with a fast pace.

A perfect product that provides all needed features is epoxy flooring. It creates a seamless surface that prevents any contamination in a highly sensitive environment of a restaurant. Cleaning and maintenance is effortless and no harsh chemical is needed.

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns that can be customized to any style and design. From classic to contemporary, deep warm to ice cool and cozy to luxury, any design is achievable with epoxy flooring. Color variety also helps with safety and visibility in the kitchen where there are food splashes on the floor that can cause slips.

Epoxy has a good thermal shock resistance which is critical for restaurant kitchen due to the presence of high number of ovens, open flame and walk-in freezer.

It is easily applied in liquid form on a concrete base to create level flooring that is tightly bonded without any air pocket.

Epoxy flooring is a budget friendly investment because the pricing is affordable and durability is long lasting so reinstallation will not be required for a long time.

Epoxy flooring is the all-in-one solution for aesthetic, performance and USDA regulatory compliance required in a commercial restaurant.