Managing a property with lots of residents can be challenging and if design and maintenance is added to it, it will become a great task. These properties should have selling style while providing best performance to handle possible movements of the residents. Flooring material plays a big role in both aesthetic and performance of the building.
There are 7 products that can provide the required look and function for these properties:
1. Hardwood
Hardwood is loved by everyone because it is a reminder of nature inside while adding warm and luxury feelings to atmosphere. It is also highly durable that can even be refinished many times.
2. Engineered wood
Loving hardwood but not being able to afford it, is exactly why this product is made. You can still enjoy the look and performance of the natural wood but pay much less and have more color and pattern options.
3. Laminate
Still looking like hardwood but with more variety of colors and patterns, this product is also waterproof that comes in affordable prices.
4. Tile
Tiles are the tool of a master designer who can make your dream come true by offering many colors, patterns and textures that feature great performance as well.
5. Polished Concrete
Concrete used to be just strong but nowadays it is also polished and stylish that offers many finishes and patterns in affordable prices.
6. Luxury vinyl
Luxury vinyl has the many features of vinyl with added luxury factor that make it stand out among all products. It has both durability and attractiveness that adds value to your property.
7. Carpet
Carpet is the best reminder of home with soft cushion that comforts the feet but last long. It comes in many colors and patterns to make a statement on your floor.
Property or Strata managers have many great options available to choose the best flooring material possible that add value to your property by offering great style and performance.