Polished Concrete, the good old concrete with a new look!

Polished Concrete, the good old concrete with a new look!

When you hear about concrete, you are probably reminded of the strength and resilience of a rough surface that is invincible to breaking and cracking. Also, a surface dark in color with nothing exciting but full of unforgiving sharp points that can cause pain! This was true until polished concrete was invented!

In this article, we will talk about polished concrete which is technically the same good old concrete with a new look. By the end of this article, you will forever change your mind about concrete and get to know a versatile flooring material that can help you in your commercial flooring.

What is polished concrete?

When ordinary concrete is ground with heavy-duty machinery that uses the grit power of a diamond, a smooth and shiny surface is created which is called polished concrete.

Concrete polishing is not limited to new ones but even an old one can be polished given that it is structurally sound to withstand resurfacing, patching, and coating.

The polishing process is quick and easy but it requires the expertise of professionals. There are 2 options available which are different in their use of water in the process. Wet polishing relies on water to cool diamond disks and manage dust resulting from polishing. That is why this option is messy and needs a deep clean afterward. On the other hand, the dry process utilizes dust-collecting systems instead of water so no mess is left behind. In reality, a combination of both methods is used, starting with dry polishing which is done with metal-bonded abrasives to remove blemishes and coatings until a smooth surface is achieved. Then wet polishing is performed with resin-bonded diamond disks to accomplish the desired sheen.


Only experienced contractors know when to switch from the dry process to the wet process and how much to grind the concrete without causing any damage.

Depending on the diamond’s grit, a wide variety of finishes are achievable. From “cream polish” with a smooth sheen to “salt and pepper polish” with mixed patterns and “aggregate polish” with a unique look.

Who can benefit from polished concrete flooring?

Polished concrete has many competitive advantages over other flooring materials in the market that lets almost everyone benefit from its application:

  • Polished concrete is safe and non-toxic with no volatile organic compound (VOC) involved. This highly critical feature makes it extremely environmentally friendly and non-allergen. Thus, it is suitable for places where hygiene is the first priority such as hospitals. To maximize hygiene even further, an anti-microbial or anti-viral top coat can be applied which is the perfect solution for the current CORONA pandemic.
  • Polishing concrete results in a seamless surface with no gridlines that eliminate the risk of germ contamination. This feature is extremely beneficial for medical facilities, educational institutions, gyms, restaurants, and generally any place that has more contamination concerns or is under tough government regulations.
  • The smooth surface of polished concrete can be made anti-slip with conditioners and sealers to prevent slips and falls. This is specifically important for warehouses or restaurants that have a high risk of accidents and tougher regulations for staff safety.
  • Waterproofing is another highlight of polished concrete’s features which is practically beneficial for any place. It is a solid and seamless surface that does not allow water to pass into underlying layers and destroy the foundation. Places that have high moisture such as plant growing facilities or car repairs can benefit a lot. This feature also makes maintenance cleaning much safer so you can use water knowing it does not affect the integrity of your property.
  • Polished concrete has no specific odor to disturb the environment or interfere with the desired aroma of the place. This is important when it comes to restaurants desirably filled with attractive aromas of coffee and food. Even cannabis stores rely on the unique smell of the plant for higher sales so polished concrete flooring can help.
  • Polished concrete has a perfect light reflection that makes it ideal for many purposes but above all makes it highly budget-friendly. It reduces the use of electric lights so energy bills are lowered dramatically. This is critical for auto showrooms and retail stores that use heavy lighting for aesthetic purposes. Places that grow plants such as cannabis facilities can also benefit from this feature because plants can grow more efficiently in the reflected light of the shiny floor.
  • The smooth and shiny surface makes cleaning and maintenance effortless even in warehouses with high levels of forklift traffic or oil spills. Water, mop, and ordinary detergents are all you need to clear the stains and bring back the shine. But to maximize hygiene specifically in the COVID era, sanitizers and disinfectants can be applied without any concerns.
  • Polished concrete is customizable due to the availability of colors, patterns, and techniques that can even print logos and floor markings. This makes it an ideal choice for retail stores that rely on the aesthetic of the flooring material in their interior design as well as making in-store navigation easier for customers.
  • It is able to retain the original look and feel even in high foot traffic areas which eliminates the need for frequent maintenance closures.
  • And finally, polished concrete is more affordable compared to other options in the market which is beneficial for all customers, even offices and residential floorings. The installation is much lower in price and there is no need for waxing.
    Who can benefit from polished concrete flooring?

Closing words

Polishing concrete is not a DIY project because it requires years of experience and knowledge to achieve a safe and desirable result. The process of polishing is hard and risky that should be done only by professionals. So, don’t be tempted to polish your concrete flooring at the weekend and instead call a reliable concrete polishing contractor who knows the ins and outs of the task.

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