Garages and parking decks are more than ever appreciated in large metropolitan areas and even one day maintenance closure can disrupt many businesses. Flooring is the most used surface in these spaces that can cause such maintenance if proper material is not selected!

There is high level of vehicle traffic in a garage or parking deck that can put extreme mechanical stress on the flooring material. Polyurethane floor coating is capable of overcoming such pressure for a long time and thus reduces maintenance closures. It can also help protect the underlying concrete that is part of main structure.

Parking decks are also exposed to various weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures that can influence lifespan of the flooring.  Moisture intrusion can be problematic especially in multilevel parking structures if the flooring does not have moisture vapor mitigating properties. Hot tire pickup is another common issue that deteriorates the flooring material.

Oil, fuel and solvent discharges that penetrate the porous concrete floor of a garage cause stain and also pollution that might leach into soil and groundwater. Therefore, non-porous flooring is needed. Possibility of dropping sharp and heavy weight tools is high in these places thus puncture resistance is an important feature. Slip resistance is also required to enhance worker safety.

Polyurethane floor coating is able to provide all these features and comply with OSHA regulations. It can also be marked with different colors and patterns for safety reasons.

Polyurethane floor coating is an investment that has low maintenance and easy cleaning. It is waterproof so high pressure hoses can be used for cleaning to reduce the cleaning time. It can also help with energy cost in places that are operating 24/7 on multilevel spaces. Because a light color floor can increase light reflection so the number of lights can be reduced to lower electricity bill.

Polyurethane floor coating is the cost effective solution for garages and parking decks that delivers regulatory compliance, highest safety and performance with customizable aesthetic.