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restaurant flooring to choose in Coquitlam

Restaurants are lovely places, especially in Coquitlam where people meet to dine and chat for a considerable amount of time. Many good things happen in restaurants like when someone plans a surprise birthday party or even a marriage proposal. People trust the place and they sure enjoy being there. Something attracts them to the place which makes them feel safe and happy. It is strong enough to bring them back again and again. But what is it?

It is the design and style that creates the mood for restaurant customers. Every design element affects the atmosphere from tiny color variations to material choices. The foundation of interior design is the flooring. There are many options especially in Coquitlam that can be selected according to personal preferences as well as regulations.

In this article, we will help you choose restaurant flooring in Coquitlam so you can create an atmosphere that attracts customers and increases your good reputation.

How to choose flooring material for your restaurant?

When choosing a flooring material, you need to consider your restaurant in separate spaces because each part has a different function that requires certain characteristics in flooring material:

  • Front of the house
    It is the space seen at arrival that sets the mood and attracts attention therefore style elements have the biggest role. Design starts from the ground and flooring material builds the foundation that all other elements are based upon. Its color, pattern, texture and sizing define the basics of style that will influence other design choices.
    Depending on your style preference, you have many options:
    If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere then laminate, engineered wood and ceramic tiles are ideal choices for flooring. Laminate and engineered wood flooring are the wood-like materials that create warmth and naturalness. They have color and pattern variations to resemble natural wood graining. Ceramic tile flooring has more variations that give you creative freedom. It has unlimited colors, patterns and sizes that can create classic style as much as modern feel. Even artistic style is easily achieved with tiles that are unique in shape and pattern.
    But if you want to create a sleek and luxury atmosphere, then hardwood, natural stone and luxury vinyl are the perfect choices. Hardwood flooring is a naturally rich and luxury element that also adds a layer of warmth to your restaurant. Natural stone has the same richness but with added toughness that promote safety and strength. Luxury vinyl (LVT & LVP) is synthetically sleek that resembles natural materials. It has more color and pattern variations that make the styling much easier. All 3 options have the flexibility of creating both classic and contemporary styles in addition to artistic design.
    They are all good options for maintaining hygiene and safety due to food spills. They can have smooth surfaces that make immediate cleaning easy and effective to prevent falls and slips or contamination and discoloration. This makes them perfectly in compliance with regulations for public health. They are also amongst the strongest materials to overcome the impact pressure of high foot traffic and when they do lose the original luster, they will look more attractive which is especially true about hardwood and natural stone.
  • Back of the house
    This space belongs to restaurant staff therefore safety and hygiene is the biggest factor when choosing a flooring material. There are regulations that define workplace safety and hygiene such as the guidelines published by the public health agency (PHSD) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In this space, personnel are often in a rush to prepare customers’ orders so spilling of the food is common which can create slip and fall. The spill can also attract germs and create discoloration that requires ease of cleaning. There are also lots of electrical appliances and open flames that can quickly create a fire hazard.
    Resinous flooring such as epoxy and urethane coatings are the best choices for back-of-the-house flooring because they create an absolutely seamless surface that has no grit lines to collect germs and contaminants. They have an anti-slip coating that prevents slip and fall while having solid light colors that make food spills more visible. They are also resistant to thermal shocks that prevent electric and fire accidents.
    Epoxy and urethane floorings are also very durable that can effectively handle high foot traffic of the kitchen area. This makes them cost-effective in the long term that hugely help your budget. They are also highly stylish that even in the simplest color and pattern create a calm yet active atmosphere. But if you want, you can always customize them with your own brand logo or safety markings.
    Renodiz commercial flooring

Renodiz commercial flooring

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