Laminate is an advanced flooring product that is an image of natural materials such as hardwood or stone in terms of look and the price but it offers almost the same features!

Being an image, makes every color, pattern and texture possible to achieve all kind of designs. From classic to contemporary and everything in between, you can create your dream style for your home.

It also has good resistance against scratches and stains while being durable enough for high traffic rooms.

It is water resistant which makes it ideal for almost any room even bathrooms and basements. With proper underlay, it becomes sound, cold and water proof.

It is appropriate for places with pets because laminate is easily cleaned and maintained. You can sweep, vacuum or mop the floor according to manufacturer’s instruction to increase the lifespan of the product.

Laminate is made of 4 layers. The top wear layer is made resistant against fading and stains while the second pattern layer holds the image of the wood or stone. The third substrate layer is water resistant made from fiberboard and forth backing layer is the final barrier against warping.

Since it is just a veneer of the wood, the return value is lower compared to real wood. It is also not possible to re-sand or re-finish laminate due to the thinness of top layer.

The biggest advantage of laminate is affordability but it can also be installed on a wall to create an accent wall as part of the overall design.

Laminate is the most affordable option for you to allow the stunning look and feel of natural wood and stone in your home without crashing your budget.