Is waterproof wood flooring real?!

Is waterproof wood flooring real?!

Everyone loves wood because it brings a piece of nature inside your space. Wood is warm in the nature and rich in the look that transforms the atmosphere toward luxury and elegance. Homeowners love hardwood flooring but commercial spaces also use hardwood to impress clients and customers.

When you think about wood, you often assume that water can penetrate it which is true about untreated hardwood. But in recent years, technological innovations has changed the game and made a dream come true!
In this article, we will introduce waterproof wood which is a perfect choice for naturalists that want the warm vibe of hardwood with waterproof feature of vinyl so they can install it even in the moist areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

Introducing Waterproof Wood

Wood is probably the most popular flooring choice due to its many great features including extreme durability against high foot traffic but fear of moisture damage is always associated with it. Spills, pet accidents and undetected leaks from air conditioner or pipes are common problems in many properties that cause the most damage to the flooring material. Wood can swell, bloat and warp in regular contact with water. These damages are often beyond repair and even create mold growth which is not only a health hazard but also a budget disaster because you will need to replace your whole flooring.

Waterproof wood is an evolving flooring material that has overcome its own kryptonite namely moisture! It is a hybrid of hardwood and a waterproof core that is not just resistant against water but it is truly impervious to water.
The waterproof wood is made impervious to water by innovative technologies that are different for each manufacturer. Some brands are making the wood waterproof by adding a layer of real wood on top of a core of stone polymer composite (SPC). There is also a unique system that causes the waterproof feature including the Uniclic joint system, GenuEdge and Hydroseal perimeter coating to hold water on the surface and prevent it from moving to the core.

Introducing Waterproof Wood

The waterproof core is dimensionally stable that minimizes expansion and contraction compared to traditional engineered hardwood such as HDF and Plycore.

There might be waterproof sealants and pads for a soft under-foot feel. A hydrophobic topical layer is also applied to the surface of authentic hardwood to reinforce waterproof quality. Advanced finishing techniques such as reactive staining, blackfill, cerusing, balayage highlighting combined with mixed wood species that have accent graining create a variety of looks and feels that is not repeated in every plank.

  • Waterproof wood has the luster of solid hardwood without the weakness against water. It is exactly similar to solid hardwood that no one can tell the difference. With many finishes and colors no compromise is made on the style of your space.
  • It has the stability and strength of the hardwood with added features of vinyl that lasts for many years.
  • It can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom and laundry room. Even entry areas, gym flooring, sauna and spa areas are safe against water damage with this product.
  • The cleaning and polishing is effortless that extend the lifespan of your flooring.
  • It might sound expensive but considering the long term durability against water and foot traffic it actually becomes cost effective.

The waterproof wood has been rigorously tested and the results confirm that moisture will have no effect on your flooring or property.


Yes, waterproof wood is real and it is truly impenetrable by moisture. Innovative technologies are utilized to make your dream come true of flooring your home or commercial space with wood without worrying about moisture damage or the cost. It is the same hardwood you love combined with a rigid core that prevents water penetration. Finishing techniques and sealants are also added to enhance the waterproof feature. All these efforts make the final product suitable for even the most water-contacted areas such as kitchen and bathroom. You can have the warm luxury of hardwood in every room you desire to create an attractive ambience for your guests or customers.

Waterproof wood is offered by many brands that might be different in the core technology or the surface look. This makes the choice difficult for you. That is why an experienced flooring supplier in Coquitlam can help you choose the best waterproof wood for your space. Either residential flooring or commercial flooring, you get the highest quality product with state of the art installation that uplifts your space to next level. This way your desired style is created and your budget is saved from hidden costs.

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