In Search of the Best Solution for Commercial Kitchen Flooring

In search of the best solution for commercial kitchen flooring!

A commercial kitchen is a place of rush and rapid movements where delivering customer orders on time is the first priority. So it is very common for the food to be splashed on the floor causing accidents of slip and fall. But this can be prevented!

If the spilled food is not cleaned immediately, it can penetrate into grid lines of flooring material and attract germ that leads to their rapid proliferation and unpleasant odor. Over time this can be a contamination disaster that is costly to fix. But this is preventable!

The stains are also hard to cleanse with the addition of high foot traffic of many staff. There are also many commercial kitchen equipment tools that put their mark on the flooring material. But this has a solution!

Durability is essential for commercial kitchen flooring because high foot traffic, heavy objects, and hot foods can affect the integrity of any material unless it is very strong. But this material can be found!

There is also a fire hazard possibility due to the extreme use of heat sources and open flame that can easily raise the temperature of the flooring material and cause a fire. This must be prevented at all costs!

The best solution would be a proper flooring material that allows staff to safely move fast to do their tasks and deliver results. It also should eliminate the risk of contamination and offer effortless cleaning and maintenance. Above all, it should comply with regulations of public health, food safety, and staff safety for restaurant kitchen flooring.

There are many kitchen flooring types in the market, each coming with some advantages and disadvantages. The search is for the best commercial kitchen flooring option that offers all these required features and many more. In this article, we will offer the best search result.

Introducing Epoxy Flooring

This resinous flooring material offers all that is needed to operate a commercial kitchen without any accidents or concerns.

Epoxy is a liquid material that hardens on the floor to create a solid and seamless surface free of grid lines. The result is a shiny clean style that screams hygiene and gets approval from authorities.

It can be strengthened with an anti-slip coating to maximize staff safety which is under tight regulations in commercial kitchens.

The liquid is made of 2 parts that should only be mixed on the site in specific ratios. The first part is a low-viscosity resin and the second part is a hardening agent that forms a chemical reaction in contact with each other and binds together as well as the substrate. Epoxy is easily applied in a short time and the curing is complete in less than 24 hours. This is an excellent feature for a commercial kitchen that can’t be closed for maintenance.

The coating power of the epoxy is strong as it can hide any imperfections in concrete substrate leaving behind no air pocket but a solid and level surface. This is specifically good for old kitchens that renovate their flooring.

Epoxy can be applied with an integral floor-to-wall method with slight slop toward the floor drain to eliminate 90-degree angles and consequent contamination issues. The method also facilitates cleaning and pathogen removal as it prevents the pooling of water and liquids.

commercial kitchen epoxy flooring

It is almost invincible as kitchen flooring even in a restaurant where it experiences constant mechanical pressure from foot traffic and heavy objects in most hours. Cleaning detergents also don’t harm its quality as it has high chemical tolerance. It lasts long without the need for waxing or maintenance.

Epoxy has high thermal shock resistance which is essential in the presence of heat and cold sources such as open flame, oven, and walk-in freezer. It is flexible enough to expand and contract in contact with changing temperatures without losing the bond with the concrete substrate.

It is also a good moisture tolerant and mitigating agent that is perfect for commercial kitchen flooring full of steam-generating activities and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) stemming from the ground. This property also helps with the cleaning where water or steam is used to wash the floor.

Epoxy comes in a variety of colors and patterns but it is easily customizable according to your brand’s color and style. You can even print logo or safety markings on the floor to make it more effective and useful.


Epoxy is the best solution for commercial kitchen flooring.

The application process is short, the look is fantastic, the safety and hygiene are approvable, the durability is remarkable, the cleaning is effortless, and the cost is effective considering the longevity and maintenance requirement of the material.

Epoxy is the optimal flooring material for your commercial kitchen and when done by an experienced commercial flooring supplier, it can last forever while retaining the original look and feel.

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