Owning a condo means you might be renting out your property to different tenants. They might move in and out every year and put pressure on the flooring material which can lead to wear out sooner than expected. In addition, you really don’t know what kind of lifestyle the new residents have that might cause damage to the flooring.
The good news is that you have at least 7 great options in terms of flooring materials that can protect your condo and increase its value while making it more appealing for rent and sale:
1. Hardwood
Hardwood is the most natural material that looks rich and feels warm in any space. It is solid timber coming from different tree species such as walnut and oak that each has graining patterns of their own. It is strong and long lasting but can be made to look new by refinishing. When it comes to moisture, it is not entirely waterproof. Therefore; you can’t install it in humid rooms such as kitchen but living room and bedroom are great candidates. Harwood is the most expensive flooring option that also adds the most value to your property.
2. Engineered wood
Engineered wood is a good substitute for hardwood in case you don’t want to spend a fortune on flooring. It is made of a thin layer of actual wood with stacked core layers that create a very strong and yet flexible material. It performs even better in spaces with humidity and temperature fluctuation. It also comes in bigger dimensions that make installation easier. It is resistant against moisture which makes it ideal for even basement. It can be refinished at least once to refresh the look and feel. The colors, patterns and finishes are endless to help you with the design of your space. Pricing is much more affordable than hardwood.
3. Laminate
Laminate mimics the look of natural materials such as hardwood or stone but lacks the natural ambience and the price tag. It consists of a photographic layer under a wear layer to resemble wood or stone. The underlying layers make it waterproof and resistant against warping. It has variety of colors and patterns to complement any style but laminate can’t be refinished. The durability is good under foot traffic and against scratches and can be made waterproof. It has easy installation and maintenance and makes less noise under foot.
4. Tile
Tiles are great options in terms of interior design because they come in variety of colors and patterns to make any style possible. They are also made from different materials such as ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite, travertine and marble that are strong, waterproof and scratch resistant. Tiles are not good with retaining heat though that might be an issue in the winter. Depending on the material, prices are different but often high.
5. Polished Concrete
Concrete is a traditional construction material that is having a comeback with a new look. The boring look has been upgraded to have variety of colors and finishes to accommodate any style. It is known for invincibility that can stand high foot traffic. The maintenance and cleaning is effortless and does not require any toxic cleaner which is good for environment. It becomes waterproof with a properly done coating. It is the most affordable option.
6. Luxury vinyl
Luxury vinyl has the natural feel of wood and stone with added features that make it a more durable material. It is waterproof and strain resistant, ideal for pet friendly spaces. It has variety of colors and patterns that blend in well with every design. Pricing is much affordable compared to natural materials such as hardwood and stone.
7. Carpet
Carpet looks comfortable and feels warm perfect for your feet. It has a cozy ambience that complements the feeling of a ‘home’. It comes in variety of colors, patterns and textures that provide you the creative freedom to style your condo. Carpet has many types in terms of fiber and construction which is exactly why the prices are different. It is easily installed even if you have uneven surface but cleaning might be a challenge specifically if there are kids or pets. It is a durable flooring option but not suitable for kitchens or bathrooms due to the moisture. High foot traffic might also damage the fibers.
Your condo is a source of rent income and flooring material has a big role in making it more rentable while providing strength against possible damages. Each of the 7 flooring options have their own advantages and disadvantages that can be selected based on your circumstances.