Health care is all about hygiene and preventing contamination and health care facilities aim to maintain and improve health and longevity of the whole society. Flooring has a huge role in providing this purpose as these buildings are frequently visited by people who have compromised immune system.

They are also among the highest traffic environments where high number of people work and visit 24/7. There are heavy medical equipments that put a lot of pressure on the flooring material. The look and feeling is also important as the environment is built for curing sick people. Color code in design can uplift their spirit while providing calm. This is especially important for children area where bright colors can easily attract and maintain kids who need medical care.

Hospital, nursing facilities and doctor offices need to incorporate flooring materials that comply with the highest standards of hygiene while provide the best functionality and aesthetic.

Epoxy flooring is the optimum solution for health care facilities because it is seamless, without any gap or pores to be filled with contaminants. It is the easiest to clean and maintain that does not require harsh chemicals. It is also strong enough to handle high traffic and impact pressure. It comes in variety of colors and patterns that provide freedom of choice in design and style.

Epoxy is installed in fluid form directly over concrete but it can be applied on existing tile flooring. In this case the cost and inconvenience is reduced greatly which are both important for health care facilities because they are often budget-tight and time-restricted.

Epoxy flooring is the ultimate solution for heath care facilities because it is in compliance with CDC guidelines to provide the highest hygiene, the best functionality and the most appropriate style, all with affordable prices.