Food and Beverage industry has a big priority and that is hygiene. It is a must in all areas of a manufacturing plant but specifications might be different for food lab, food packaging and beverage bottling. Food splashes are common in this spaces that must be cleaned immediately and effectively or the risk of contamination is high. It can also create safety issues for personnel as it can cause slip and fall. All these risks influence the choice of flooring material.

Resinous flooring is the perfect choice for food & beverage industry because it can meet all the sanitary and safety requirements and comply with Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) of the USDA regulations.

It is applied in a fluid state resulting in a seamless surface that has no gap to be filled with germs and contaminations. It is highly moisture tolerant and can be cleaned with ordinary cleaners without leaving behind stains. To prevent slip and fall, anti-slip additives are included in the formula.

The fluid application also helps with the required integrated floor to wall covering that properly slopes toward floor drain. This is to eliminate 90 degree angles and possible pools on the floor that make the cleaning more effective and germ free.

This industry often uses walk-in freezers and ovens that create extreme temperatures. Resinous flooring is thermal shock resistant to handle both end of the temperature spectrum.

High number of employee creates frequent foot traffic. Heavy equipments are also present that put considerable impact stress on the flooring material. Resinous flooring is highly durable and long lasting.

With the equipment, electrostatic can be an issue but resinous flooring has anti-static additives to prevent fire hazard. It can also have floor safety markings and brand logo embedded from the beginning.

Resinous flooring is the optimum choice for food and beverage industry where hygiene, safety, performance and aesthetic are all important.