Flooring Refinishing and Restoration Techniques

Reviving old floors through refinishing and restoration can breathe new life into your space and preserve the character of your home.

Assessment and Preparation, Inspect the Floor Identify any damage, such as deep scratches, gouges, water stains, or warped boards. Check for loose or squeaky boards that may need to be addressed.
Clean the Floor Remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment works well for this.

Repairing Damages, Replace Damaged Boards If there are severely damaged or rotted boards, it’s best to replace them. This will ensure a smooth and even surface.
for Fix Squeaky Floors, Use screws to secure loose boards to the underlying joists and eliminate squeaks.

Sanding, Start with a coarse-grit sandpaper (around 36-60 grit) to remove the old finish and level out any imperfections. Then progress to finer grits (80-120) for a smoother finish.
use a Drum Sander For large areas, a drum sander is efficient. For edges and corners, use an edge sander or a sanding block.
Apply a wood filler to fill in gaps, cracks, and holes. Ensure it matches the colour of the floor.

Sealing and Finishing and Polyurethane Finish, Apply multiple coats of a high-quality polyurethane finish. Choose between oil-based or water-based finishes depending on your preference and needs. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Buffing and Polishing, Use a Buffer After the final coat of finish has dried, use a floor buffer or a buffing pad to smooth out the surface and remove any imperfections.
Regular Maintenance, Use rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to prevent excessive wear. Avoid dragging heavy furniture across the floor. Place felt pads under furniture legs.
Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove dirt and grit that can scratch the surface. Clean spills promptly to prevent staining.

Remember, the specific steps and products you use may vary depending on the type of wood and finish on your floor, so it’s important to do some research and, if in doubt, consult with a professional.