Fire and police stations are the most dynamic places where high speed and efficient layout matter the most. Any obstacle that can prevent fire fighters, rescue workers, EMTs or police officers from leaving on time for an emergency call must be eliminated. Low quality flooring material can become an obstacle!

Not only slips and trips can injure these public servants that are putting their lives on the line to save people, but these accidents can delay the rescue mission and cause lives!

The flooring material must be fire safe and resistant against hot tire pickup that is very common with speeding vehicles leaving the facility.

These places are also loaded with cars and heavy vehicles that put high impact stress on flooring material. They are operated with public budget 24/7 so they can’t afford high maintenance flooring that might cause close downs.

Epoxy flooring and urethane coating are the kind of materials that can provide all these features and many more. They are applied in fluid state resulting in a smooth and seamless surface that utilizes anti-slip grit. They can facilitate the required speed coupled with maximum safety to protect officers.

Resinous flooring is extremely durable under intense pressure of hot tires and high foot traffic of a police station. It can also meet the hygiene requirements of such a public place by being seamless and preventing germ contamination. Its cleaning is effortless and no close down is needed for maintenance.

Fire and police stations are public places that directly interact with community so aesthetic is also important. Epoxy flooring and urethane coating have variety of colors and patterns that can be customized according to need and even with logos.

Epoxy flooring and urethane coating are the most appropriate options for fire & police stations in terms of cost, safety, hygiene, durability and aesthetic.