Electronics manufacturing facilities are amongst the most regulated places in order to protect workers, products and consumers. The higher sensitivity of these workplaces makes OSHA and other organizations to detail every aspect of the operations.

One of the most sensitive issues is the presence of high electrostatic charge that must be controlled and nothing can interfere with electrostatic more than flooring material!

Conductive and electrostatic dissipative resinous flooring is the best practice for these places. With constantly fluctuating electrical charges, the possibility of damage to equipment is high, not to mention the risk associated with workers and the whole facility. ESD (electrostatic discharge) floorings and conductive coatings are able to safely remove this charge from the space and direct it to designated points.

These facilities often handle delicate components that might be difficult to see on a dark floor. But a glossy light colored epoxy floor increases light reflection for better visibility.

They are also partitioned according to level of hazardous equipments and chemicals. Color coding is often used to designate the high risk areas. Resinous coatings are ideal for this purpose as they come in different colors and patterns. They are also highly customizable with graphics, logos or safety marks.

Epoxy flooring does not need any waxing or polishing for maintenance while retaining its electrostatic dissipative or conductive properties for a longtime. It is a low maintenance ESD flooring option.

ESD and conductive Epoxy flooring is the ultimate choice for electronics manufacturing facilities. It can comply with safety regulations and offer low maintenance performance with high aesthetic and customization features.