Educational premises are among the most high traffic areas regardless of the grade. Kindergarten children have the most physical activity on play ground while adults in school and university engage more in classrooms and cafeteria both of which have high impact stress on the flooring material. There are also a high number of furniture present in these buildings that can add to the pressure and damage.

The high crowd also raises health and safety concerns. There are food sources that can lead to contamination and public bathrooms and lockers can also become breeding ground for germs. In this article, we will take a look at the best flooring materials for each educational room.

Flooring options for kindergarten

As mentioned above, children in early ages are physically active. They need to run around, jump up and down, and be children. This can also lead to minor accidents like falling down on the ground. This is where the right flooring comes to play. There are some specific flooring materials which could help prevent such problems.

Flooring the classrooms

Classrooms are where the children have the least physical activity. So the prioritization leans toward the hygiene and aesthetics. The best option here is hardwood, and there are reasons for that. The first reason is that hardwood is very healthy for the environment as it prevents dust and different microbes to gather. Hardwood is also easy to clean which is necessary for a room where children stay. In long term, hardwood can also be refinished which means an optimal return of investment.

Flooring the playground

Playgrounds cover a big portion of children’s activity during their day in the kindergarten. They run, play, jump, wrestle, and possibly fight. Therefore, it should be taken into consideration that children need protection in the playground. One of the protection tools is the flooring. The ground should be soft, durable, and even. Rubber flooring is the thing that outshines other flooring types. Because of its bouncy characteristics, it acts like cushion and prevents scratches and hard impacts upon falling.

Flooring options for schools and universities

Schools and universities don’t need the caution a kindergarten needs, but they also should provide a clean and comfortable environment, while they’re also attracting students. Because the older we grow, the more attention we pay to our surroundings, and a nice looking flooring is really effective.

So, generally speaking, hardwood can do all of the above mentioned notes for a classroom, but there are also other more cost-friendly options as schools and universities have a lot more classrooms than kindergartens. Another material that could be as useful as hardwood but way cheaper is vinyl flooring. The only thing that needs consideration is vinyl flooring cannot be refinished though it takes a long time until a change feels like the right choice.

To cover the hallways, epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for educational institutions. It is durable enough to handle the impact stress while being a non-pours and seamless material to naturally resolve the health and safety issues. It is easy to clean and maintain, and in contact with chemical stress, it has a good tolerance.

It comes in variety of beautiful colors and patterns that can complement the spirit of any educational institution. Graphic decals can be embedded easily on the floors according to the school needs and plans. The color catalog is a perfect tool for kindergarten administers that can have creative freedom to design and execute any graphic for a more appealing school to children. Adult students also enjoy the dynamic flooring of their school. Epoxy coating has a soft feeling under feet, but the performance is among the hardest. Aesthetic and functionality come together to deliver the perfect performance for educational institutions.

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