Concrete floor can look rough and unattractive but there are resurfacing options to make it smooth, cushioned and aesthetically beautiful. These options are applicable in commercial and industrial premises as much as residential buildings.
Decorative flooring create a seamless look that sometimes resembles a piece of art because they come in variety of unique colors and patterns to provide you with creative freedom to design flooring of your dreams. They also have different finishes from high gloss to absolute matte and anything in between.
Due to the seamless surface that they create, contamination by germs is eliminated. Their maintenance is effortless with no need to specific substances or chemicals. They are made to last long without losing their look or strength because they have high resistance to impact stress.
They have different types but the following 3 options are the most popular:

• Quartz flooring is one of the most durable decorative coatings that last for a long time. Its durability is strong enough to make it an ideal choice for retail and grocery stores that have very high foot traffic. It also comes in many blends and textures that can facilitate your style. It is a highly safe and hygienic material that makes it an ideal option for places such as kitchen, bathroom and even animal shelters. It is maintained with normal cleaners and regular routines.

• Decoflake flooring is extremely safe to be used even in hospitals, laboratories and restaurants but it is applicable almost in any place. Without a need for harsh cleaning or maintenance routines, it provides a germ free space with just the normal cleaners. It consists of vinyl chips in variety of colors and patterns that make every design possible. The performance is remarkable as it is made for long term use with good resistant to pressure.

• Metallic epoxy flooring is the state of the art option where multi-dimensional design creates depth for places that require higher aesthetic such as museums, lobbies, showrooms and retail stores. It is highly customizable due to presence of metallic powder that makes creating dimensions possible. Each blend can be different and unique. It looks seamless and has high gloss, semi gloss and matte finishes. Despite the smooth surface, it is highly slip-resistant. It has a very easy cleaning and maintenance routine that requires no harsh chemicals. It last long without losing its beauty.
Decorative flooring is the optimum choice for those who want the high-end aesthetics with great performance to create a unique space in their home or business that resembles a work of art.