Concrete is known for being rough and invincible but with advancement in technology, it can become polished and glossy too. Polished concrete flooring has risen in popularity and it is demanded by residential customers as much as by industrial and commercial buildings.

Polished concrete can have variety of finishes depending on the diamond grit that is used. Both high gloss and absolute matte are achievable. The aggregate exposure can also have variations from none to all. It can have “cream polish” which has smooth and consistent sheen. The “salt and pepper polish” is most achievable because creating color and pattern is easier but it will expose cracks and imperfections! There is also “aggregate polish” which is the most expensive option reserved for special projects.

A big advantage is that even the old concrete flooring can be polished if it has a sound structural integrity. Polished concrete is just as durable as the normal concrete against high foot traffic. Even places like retail stores are great candidates to have polished concrete flooring.  It also does not require replacement which is a great cost and time saving for businesses as well as home owners.

Polished concrete is low maintenance with no need to waxing. Cleaning is also effortless as it is resistant to staining and marking even from the forklift tires or oil spills in warehouses. Only a wet mop and normal cleaners would suffice to make the floor all shining. The hygiene concerns are minimized with polished flooring even in medical facilities or educational institutes because unlike tiles there is no grout line to be contaminated with germs.

It has good moisture transmission as there is air circulation through concrete so no moisture is trapped. It is also environmental friendly and none-allergen because there is no hazardous substance involved and unlike carpet no dust will be collected.

It is more affordable compared to other conventional flooring options with no added cost for preparation and installation. The light reflection is so effective that there is no need for extra lighting even in showrooms so energy bill is reduced as well.

Polished flooring is an ideal choice for everyone who wants excellent performance and modern aesthetic with a lower price tag.