Cleaning best practices for a healthy and hygienic commercial space

Workplaces are often closed spaces that can breed viruses such as flue but this year CORONA virus is also added to the attack. There are also regular dust and debris that must be taken care of in order to have a truly healthy and hygienic environment for staff and customers. That is why you need to take some serious actions and review your cleaning routines.
In this article, we will recommend some best practices for cleaning commercial spaces and providing a healthy and hygienic work environment.
• Collect dust and debris
Commercial places are often high traffic areas where lots of people work or visit for business purposes. The footwear can collect debris from the walkways and take them inside the building. They are often the cause of air pollution and lung irritations. In order to fully clean your commercial space, you need to vacuum dust and debris from the floors preferably once a day. If needed a deep cleaning should be done on a monthly basis.
In case anything is dropped, splashed or spilled, immediate removal will help to keep the floor clean and avoid extra work later. Otherwise, foot traffic will spread the problem to other areas and make the cleaning job much harder.
• Wipe spots and stains
When the dust is gone, the spots and stains must be wiped with specialty cleaners for each flooring material. The moisture and chemicals in the cleaners help remove all dirt that is often the cause of sickness. The frequency of cleaning depends on the flooring material. For example carpet will be perfectly cleaned with shampooing once a month but tiles can be cleaned daily to have clear grout lines and really shine.
• Remove germs and infections
Once the surface is cleared, it is time to remove germs and infections that are serious health hazards and can breed and grow rapidly in closed spaces with lots of people present. Specialty sanitizers and disinfectants are available for different flooring materials that can be safely used to remove harmful bacteria, virus and infections. There are safety guidelines for maintenance workers that should be taken seriously to wear proper PPEs such as mask, goggles and gloves.
Final words
Creating a healthy and hygienic environment is essential for a safe workplace so the staff can work productively and the customers and visitors can feel safe. Floor cleaning and maintenance is a big part of this process where dust and debris is collected on a daily basis and spots and stains are wiped regularly. In addition, sanitizing and disinfecting is done on a regular basis to prevent wide spread infections. All this is achieved by regular equipments as well as specialty cleaners and safe chemicals.
A regular cleaning and maintenance routine wins the fight against the old germs such as flu virus and new infections such as COVID-19 virus that is affecting commercial spaces more than any other place.