Since the legalization of cannabis, the demand has been high. People expect to buy their plant from well-maintained, healthy-looking and stylish stores where hygiene is the first priority. After all, they are using the plant for health and wellness reasons so the place that grows and sells it, should deliver a safe and clean product.
These facilities are also under regulation of governments and must comply with ACMPR, FDA and CDSA for creating a space free of germs and toxic chemicals.
Polished concrete flooring is the perfect product to meet such regulations and expectations for cannabis facilities. It is a safe material that is non-toxic and definitely not volatile organic compound (VOC). It is often coated with anti-microbial top coats to maximize hygiene.
It has a very good light reflecting feature which is ideal for a cannabis growing facility. Your plants require light and this flooring material can provide them with ample light reflection to soak in the UV rays. It also has no odor to negatively interact with popular aroma of marijuana that pulls your customers in!
Polished concrete flooring is durable enough to handle the mechanical, chemical and humidity stress of cannabis facilities. It is waterproof to prevent water penetration to underlying concrete slabs and protect your building.
The installation is done very quickly so you don’t have to shut down your business and lose customers. Even your old concrete flooring can be polished by some resurfacing, patching and coating.
The maintenance is easy and no professional services are required. Normal detergents, water and mop are enough to clean the floors on a daily basis. However, it is has good resistance against sanitizers and disinfectants.
It offers variety of colors, textures and patterns to help you create your own style. You can customize it with your brand logo or even floor markings to help customers navigate your store more easily. It retains the luxury look and feel of the first day for a long time. Despite being smooth and high gloss, it is made anti-slip to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.
Other products that offer the same features are Epoxy and Urethane coating that can be good alternative.
Polished concrete flooring and Epoxy and Urethane coating meet the demands of regulations and customers in terms of hygiene, safety and style for your cannabis facility without crashing your budget.