Aviation and Aerospace industry involves large facilities that have precise and specific operational standards. Heavy aircrafts and related machinery are constantly moving in and out of the building and high number of personnel usually works in these spaces. The aircrafts have fuel, solvents, Skydrol® and all kind of fluids that are strong chemicals able to cause damage and hazards. These mechanical and chemical stresses are strong enough to damage common flooring materials such as concrete.

Concrete is assumed strong to handle such a pressure but in reality this assumption is proved wrong! Because concrete is susceptible to abrasion which in long term will wear off, thin out and crack. The chips can cause safety problems for staff and aircrafts. It is also porous causing chemical buildup which is both dangerous and unattractive. These fluids are difficult to clean and will permanently stain concrete. This creates a bigger issue in terms of aesthetics which is equally important in this industry.

Resinous flooring such as urethane coating is the ideal solution for Aviation & Aerospace industry. It is high glossy with ease of cleaning and good light reflection to comply with aesthetic protocols. It is highly durable that can handle the heavy weight of the aircrafts in the long term. It is also non-reactive with chemicals so the possibility of wear off, dullness and fire hazards are eliminated. Adding to the features are the anti slip, skid resistance and static control that provides maximum level of safety for hangar staff considering there are avionics at work.

Another big advantage of urethane flooring is customization for each individual facility. Aircraft manufacturing line, repair hangars, avionics storages and concourses have different technical requirements which are easily provided. The safety markings and logos are easily embeddable. Moisture vapor transmission which is a big issue for concrete is solvable and LEED point contribution is also possible.

Urethane flooring is the ultimate solution for Aviation & Aerospace industry to provide maximum safety, performance and aesthetic.