Automotives are demanding machines that require specific conditions in facilities such as assembly lines, showrooms or repair shops. The flooring material is the more important one of these conditions.

Concrete is a heavy duty material that seems capable of handling the heavy load of numerous vehicles in a given space. But the fact is that concrete is scratchable and under pressure of hot tires, the chips can spread around and cause safety issues for people. It is also porous that can soak up grease and chemicals that are difficult to clean. Over time the oily dust will be transformed to a health hazard or in case of the leak to lower layers, it can cause environmental problems.

Epoxy flooring and polyurethane coating on the concrete slabs are the most advanced solutions. The fluid is applied in multi layers to create the most durable surface that can take the heavy loads of automobiles without a scratch. It has high abrasion resistance with remarkable compression and tensile strength.

Resinous flooring is solid and seamless that has no pores or grout lines to be filled with grease and in case of spills, it is easily cleaned without leaving behind stains. It is not affected by corrosive chemicals that are often associated with vehicles in repair shops and is made slip resistant to prevent fall and injuries.

Automotive showrooms require outstanding aesthetics to showcase vehicles and flooring quality has the biggest role. A glossy and seamless floor with customized design adds to the appeal of vehicles and increases sales.

Epoxy and polyurethane coating can meet the demands of automotive industry and exceed expectations. They deliver high level of safety and optimum performance with excellent aesthetic.